Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Chair Styles I Made On 3DS Max 9

I have just finished up 3 pieces of chairs. Well, actually 2 chairs and one stool to be exact. I try to make my models simple lowest polys possible for easy portability. Mind these are my designs, and hold rights to them. If you wish to download and use, I only ask you give me the credit, and say where you got the model from (HERE).

Ok, here we go. This is the first one. My main goal here was to create an old style chair from royalty. Meaning from a castle belonging to a King or Queen. I would guess that the material used for this type of chair would be wood. so the color accordingly. (download here)

The second one is a stool. I was just imagining in front of a piano of the modern days. Have no clue what ever made me think that. The main feature of this stool is the legs. The s-shape, snake style legs is what I think makes this chair stand out. (download here)

The third and my most recent chair. Kinda futuristic looking. I was thinking if I made and old style chair, I might also try a futuristic type also, although the design might not look very much futuristic, It kinda helped the shiny material I placed on it. It would seem rather hard and not so comfortable without cushions though. I picture this type of chair inside a space ship, many the enterprise or something. (download here)

Well, that is all for this session of chairs, I will probably keep making more, and although this is not exactly architecture, it is rather close when considering interior design. I hope you all have fun with the models. Thanks for visiting and till next time! xD

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