Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sword S.3DS

Done in 3ds max 9. This sword had actually been in my mind for a long time, just had not dedicated the time to actually make it on 3ds max. I guess all that Dissidia Final Fantasy playing has been part of the inspiration. Yes, I am especially referring to the great hero: Cloud. His sword now is more detailed on the game and much better than mine here! But I guess this is not that bad considering I did not spent much time and dedication to the details and placing better materials and such.

You can download the .3ds file extension here! Size is very portable at 198 kb, about 4500 vertices. There is also the turbosquid (.max) file that is also free. Thank you all for your visits.


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  2. Beautiful swords....my 17-yo son has a whole collection of Japanese swords on his wall. I'll have to show him these.
    Thanks for flwg!

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