Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall 2016 Wave of my products on Turbosquid... Buy, buy, buy :)

Hello everyone.  I have not forgotten of this; my little blog where I promote my 3d products.  For a while I had been busy with other matters in life and nearly forgot I had the 3d software I call 3ds max.  Still version 9, have not upgraded for many years.  Still don't think its necessary yet, but eventually I will sometime in the future.

This particular month I have been watching some youtube tutorials on how to do specific stuff on 3ds max.  Yes, I know how to operate the software, but 3ds max is so big with features you might just overlook. I have been learning more and more tricks.

Here are the following objects I have created.

Cigarette lighter
Home H
Women shoes 3
Hammer House
Pendant 001

Check all of them out.  They are available at my turbosquid page at reasonable prices.  Til next time; have fun guys and gals :)

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