Sunday, January 18, 2015

(Free for Limited Time) Rancho Cabin/Lodge

This Cabin or Lodge or little home 3ds Max model is only going to be available for free download for the next 3 days since today.  Link expires Jan 21st of 2015.  If you came here at later time, you can still download this file by purchasing it from Turbosquid account HERE!! 

The first pic was a bit edited with photoshop.  The mountains water splash sky and clouds were added on.  More statistics about this model

File name: Cabin
File type: Max
Polys: 114659
Verts: 133811

Rendered with Mental Ray.  Mostly used Ink and Paint shaders.  Non realistic with outlines

IMPORTANT:  Please do not use any of my images here without my authorization.  Thanks and may you all have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ancient Greek Roman Kiosk (Free for limited time)

Only 10 day for this file to be available as free download.  FreeDownload HERE.  If you are here late; you can still get this model if you like it; you will need to pay thought (reasonable price)  Buy It HERE.  It is a good design.  Simple yet very elegant.  Use it for anything you wish; even for game development.

Some facts about this model:

Name: Ancient Greek Kiosk
File 3ds (free download)  3ds and Max (Turbosquid)
Polys: 8010
Verts: 8080

Rendered with mental ray

Please do NOT use any images seen here without permission.  Thanks and have a wonderful day... or night :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free (Limited Time) Building on .3ds

For only 7 days this is posted you can get access to this free model of a building.  Download Free Here! When the link expires, you can still get this model by buying it HERE.  Please buy it, it is not expensive, it is very well detailed, and you would be helping me develop more models.  Thanks in advance.

File Statistics
Name: Building A
File type: 3ds
Polygons: 29,342
Vertices: 32,931

Rendered with mental ray.

You may not use any of the images without permission.