Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mini Shop Designed In 3DS Max 9

Hello again my friends, how's everyone doing? Well, Looks like lately I have been on a mission to sharpen my skills on 3ds max 9. Here you see a kinda toon looking mini shop, or mini store. It is my most recent work. I had spend close to around 5 or 6 hours on it. Well, including breaks of course. I am happy on how it turned out.

I will have this available for free soon. I will not post the free version just yet. See, I am currently saving some money for buying some accessories I need. So every little penny counts at this point. Once I reach my goal, which is not that high, I will leave the link here for free download.

For the meantime if you like my model much and do not wish to wait, and want to downloadright away, then head over to my turbosquid account and purchase it for very cheap right HERE. I appreciate everyone's support. I will have some more architecture stuff soon. so please check back with me :D

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