Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3ds Max Architectural Modeling

3DS Max is a modeling, animation, and rendering package created by Autodesk media. The program comes packed full of modeling capabilities. It has a flexible plug in architecture program which can be easily utilized. The program has also been used by video game developers, and of course architectural visualization studios. In recent times it has also been utilized to help in the production of certain films. The latest version of this program comes with shaders, dynamic simulation, particle systems, radiosity, normal map creation/rendering, global illumination, and its own scripting language. It has proved to be a revolutionary tool for many architects however. This is a short tutorial on how to use the program to create a rendering of a house.

This basic tutorial will show you how to create a low polygon house, and how you can add texture for the end result. First of all you should create a box with minimum segments. This can be easily done because of all the action buttons you need are easy to find. Next you will need to convert it to an editable polygon. This is done by right clicking on object and choose convert to editable polygon. Next click edges and select two horizontal edges in front. Connect the edges with the connect tool. To do this go to the editable polygon menu select edit edges and click connect.

Next select polygons and select two polygons and put them in front of the box. Then you will have to extrude using the extrude tool, which can be found at the edit polygon menu. Go to the top view and change selection type to vertices. Using select and move tool try to position the vertices to your liking. Next you will need to select all vertical edges. Then you must connect the selected edges into two separate segments. Next we will need to create windows for your house. For this you will need to select two different edges where you want your windows to be. Next connect them with four different segments. Select the edges once more and then connect them with six segments this time. To prepare for the creation of a garage select edges, and then select edges with two segments and select the pinch button. Next you will have to create a step in front of the house, to do this select edge. Then you must connect them.

Now while you are in the connect edges menu slide the step to the bottom. Next you will need to select horizontal borders of your windows. Then connect with two segments and pinch them to about -79. Next make a new selection then press the connect button, but do not change anything. Change the selection type to polygons and insert them in new selection. Next click extrude polygons. For the glass select the polygons of your windows and click extrude, now your windows are complete. Next you will need to select all polygons on top of the house. The bevel selected you will need to input is height 1, outline 1. Next in the perspective view rotate view to the top and choose edge selection type. Make edges to your liking using select tool and connect. Next choose vertices selection and select two vertices. Then click connect on the edit vertices menu.In the position of the roof select two edges. Then move them over to the Y coordinate. Next you will need to select two vertices on the left side of the roof. You will need to collapse them next. To do this go to edit geometry and click collapse to make one edge, repeat for the opposite side.

Next you will need to move up the center of the roof. You will then need to make separate selections for all parts. This is done by selecting roof in the polygon properties menu. Then type 1 in set id and press enter. Set id 2 for you door, set id 4 for the glass, set id 6 for the wooden part of the window. When you have a finished product click F10 to render.

This is a neat program that many could utilize. It is especially great for anyone in architecture.

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